About Us

Beetlebug Art Collective is a collection of artists from around the country representing diverse backgrounds and styles all under one roof.

You can comfortably browse our selection online or visit our shop in Polaris Mall in Columbus, Ohio.

Meet our artists here:

We're a couple of nerds working together to create artwork we love for others who might enjoy it too! Our favorite genres from cute to creepy with touches of vivid color and vintage aesthetic.
As our studio name suggests, it’s based on the phonetic spelling of the primary colors of light which describe our connection to both digital based art mediums as well as traditional paint and print. The colors we chose for us represent the primary colors of paint and ink as well as a nod to being an LGBTQ+ owned studio. 

Ariel West Illustrations & Fine Art
You want to know about me, oh dear. Well, there’s so much and yet so little I can say. Where should I start? Where should I end? Ok, how about I just go with this. I love art, well of course I start by stating the obvious! Why else would these be here? I don’t tend to stick to any particular style or medium but if I had to pick watercolors are by far my favorite and I favor a whimsical fantasy style. It sounds trite but I have quite honestly been exploring art for as long as I can remember. While I love art it’s not my only hobby, I enjoy reading, writing, a smattering of video games and of course my dogs Loki and Ghost. Yes, I consider them a hobby they’re quite a handful! Of fur that is. Seriously, a Germand Shepherd and a Blue Heeler they never stop shedding. My poor Roomba he turns on travels a foot away from the charging port, makes a little musical noise of defeat and quickly returns to the charger. Oh my, I seem to have gone off somewhere not quite so relevant to my art. But now you know a bit more about me. I hope you enjoy your visual voyage through my art displayed here.

Ash Bucket Creates
Hi, my name is Ash and I'm a queer artist local to Columbus. I make waterproof stickers, pinback buttons, art prints, original pieces, and other handmade items! I love working with lots of color and a wide assortment of subjects, everything from cute chubby mushrooms to spooky skulls. I have been doing art from the moment I could hold a pencil and I love getting to share my art with the people around me.

August Antoinette Illustration
August strives to be a purveyor of the weird and macabre. He specializes in making art that may or may not scare your conservative parents but delight your cool, weird gay aunt. 
His products range from large poster sized prints to glass cups and stickers. Notebooks perfect for using as a grimoire or just to write down those intrusive thoughts that must stay inside. And even tshirts that are so cool, you might want to write them into your living will. 
Come find him for some timeless art and maybe some free therapy while you're there.

Beeftopia is a Columbus, OH-based illustrator and printmaker. Her colorful art never aims to be taken seriously, and never tries. Whether it's a pin, keychain, print, or piece of jewelry, she makes products for people who aren't particularly interested in taking things too seriously, either.

Clover Hare
Clover Hare is a queer artist who loves collecting vintage children’s books/toys, expressing themself thru fashion, caring for plants, & drawing all kinds of critters! 

Coey and Shy
Illustrator & Occultist in Ohio creating spooky and macabre art for all to enjoy.

We sell Crap...and Crap Accessories!  We turn discarded toys and games into jewelry, accessories, ornaments, home decor, and so much more. We have a lot of stock to work with and can help you create the perfect gift.  Our personal goal is to finally make something that someone finds so insane that they feel the need to reach out.  The White Elephant Headquarters for sure if you want to be the talk of the party.  Find truly unique gifts for everyone you know, love, or hate! Our shop has hundreds of listings and the selection here at BeetleBug doesn't even scratch the surface of what we can do. Check out the shop for more!

Dapper Carrot Designs
A Queer artist creating crochet items ranging from adorable plush to wearable fashion.

Designs Eso ltd
Jesus Quiñonez (he/him/his) is a California native Chicano who migrated to Columbus in late 2019 in pursuit of a new life and career path. Primarily working with natural gemstones and hypoallergenic metals. Jesus handmakes and upcycles with a variance of styles and muses. Ultimately creating wares to compliment those who dare to wear joy on their sleeve.

Drawn ‘til Dawn
Hi! I'm Sam, an Illustrator & Designer of all things cute and bubbly! I design and produce a variety of items from prints to stationery, with an array of topics featuring animals and cottagecore aesthetics. I love drawing things that make people smile, as well as creating accessories that allow people to express their colorful selves~

Easybriizy Draws
Easybriizy Draws is an artist dedicated to celebrating all things cute and colorful in life! They enjoy turning their art into pieces that can be used everyday such as stationery, lanyards, keychains, pins, and stickers. They aim to add a bit of color into your day and for you to embrace your inner child

Electic Cat
Electric Cat is a jewelry brand that is heavily inspired by her club kid and drag scene roots. Her bright colors, statement designs, and bold finishes, aim to be the perfect accessory for any standout look while making a statement that it is good to be proud of who you are. Starting with a few molds and a bottle of resin, Vereshchenko has grown her business from the ground up through the use of a laser cutter, membership at Protohaven, participating in local arts markets, features in several publications, being a winner at the Ecolution Fashion Show, and having a display at Boheme, and worn by many fabulous drag performers. 

fautbarb is an artist that creates art that makes her laugh and she hopes makes you laugh too. she's inspired by her cats and childhood fandoms. she draws hopefully funny (definitely poorly drawn) creations for your enjoyment.fautbarb is proudly woman and lgbtqia+ owned.

I love making people smile with my cute clay creations. Each piece is crafted with artisan quality clay and hypoallergenic findings, while some incorporate gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Floral Frolic
From cute plush to your favorite fandoms, Floral Frolic creates fantastic designs aimed to delight all ages.

KawaNeko Fashions
Hello, my name is Stephanie. I love to work with felt and fleece to create fun and cute things. I create character bows, plush toys, and elaborate food headpieces. My work gives me a creative outlet that I can share with those around me. My favorite part is to hear how happy something I made, made someone else. It makes all the long hours worth it. I have been sewing most of my life but I open my businesses 11 years ago. It may be small but its still mighty and everything is done by hand by me.

From spooky monster girls to crytid art, Keikii is creating spooky art for all to enjoy. 

Lemoncake is inspired by cats and monsters in her art. She draws with her big imagination and trys to draw the coolest cats she can. She is currently the world's fastest backstroke swimmer and premier Kirby fan.

Mimosa Studios
Mimosa focuses on creating Cute Enamel Pins and Illustrations! You can find all of her adorable creations ranging from magnets and stickers to lanyards and plush in our store.

misfitartists LLC
Misfit Artists is a duo of two artists who create animations and comics together. We focus on fantasy, scifi and horror art. First and foremost we are nerds and wanna make art for nerds, whether it will make you laugh or scream. Original stories and parodies galore!

Otoro Cat
Otoro Cat is an artist specializing  in fun and cute stickers, enamel pins, keychains and art prints and is our only international artist at Beetlebug hailing from Canada!

Peachie Kei
Peachie Kei is a small business focusing on colorful art and positive vibes. Most of my inspiration for art comes from my childhood as well as vintage toys and materials. Colorful and cute accessories aren't just for kids, so I try to design items with everyone in mind. I hope you enjoy! 

Rawren Designs
Rawren Designs is a small business run by me and my wife, the Laurens! I am a non-binary (they/them) neurodivergent who loves to create things that bring a smile to everyone's faces, while my wife (she/her) helps keep the business (and me) on track! I aim to provide subtle LGBT+ merch for anyone who may not be safely out yet but still wants to share their pride in my Pride Boba pin set. I also love video game nostalgia and the whole rainbow of colors! My favorite type of merch to make is mini pins! I hope our store brings as much joy to you as it does to us!

SavvyDragon Art
SavvyDragon is passionate about dogs and animals in their art. Their art is all encompassing of your favorite pets and Pokemon! From pastel corgis to obscure breeds, Savvy has what you are looking for.

Creating multitudes of different media, SmallRiniLady can do it all.

Sunshine Stitching LLC
Sunshine Stitching LLC creates the cutest handmade crochet plush out of the softest materials. They are a queer artists out of Columbus, OH provided art and insight to Beetlebug not far from home.

Taylermade Studios
Hello! I am Tayler, a queer artist from NE Ohio. I mainly focus on pop culture, such as video games and Kpop, and adorably cute animals~! All the plushies are handmade by me, in my home, using a mix of my own patterns and patterns from fellow makers. I love creating art that makes people smile.

Hi! I’m Tori, a professional illustrator and small business owner located in Cleveland. My brand, toreibi, is home to warm and cozy designs intended to brighten your day! I specialize in all things cute and love to include food and cats in my work.